Who Should I Invite at my Wedding?

Weddings are the celebration of a new beginning of two families. Family sizes vary – some families are tiny and some are extra-large; like mine. Apart from family, your guests will include people in all aspects of your life such as your close friends, professional friends and significant relationships. To ensure that you don’t miss anyone, you will have to list all your guest names in categories.

The Categories

Family People who are related to you
Close Friends People you interact with on a regular basis or are significant in your life
Professional Friends Co-workers, clients-turned-friends, or other people who are important in your career
Significant Relationships The people who remain significant in your life, such as your friends from childhood, college, or any group that you belong to


This exercise must be achieved where; you create your list and your partner creates his/her list. Also include significant others and children next to each name. When completed, you will merge the two lists to create one list. You can also have your parents do the exercise because they usually have their own invitee list. It might be a great idea to have them doing their exercise because you may just miss an aunt.

Now that you’ve thought of everyone you’d love to celebrate with you, you need to categorize your guests further in order of priority – A, B and C.

A represents close family and friends that must be at the ceremony.

B represents extended family, professional friends and other friends that you are planning to invite.

C represents guests that you would like to have at your wedding if your budget allows.

If you are still stuck and your guest list isn’t what you want it to look like; here’s a few questions to consider:

  • How do you envision your day? I’m sure you remember seeing that in a previous blog post – but it keeps you focused. And that tip is helpful here in determining who makes the guest list. Do you want a small, intimate wedding or a huge celebration? See how it affects your guest list?
  • Realistically, how many people are coming? Think of the people that has to be there. Don’t forget to include your parents’ list in there.
  • Will you have a guest limit? Will you put a ceiling on the numbers?
  • Other things to consider? Will you be including plus ones, children or not?

Hooray! Now you have your wedding list! This deserves a celebration…let’s have some wine! Cheers!


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels