Get To Know TLC

I’m Toyan Lord Charlemagne, co-owner of TLC Events. And if you’re wondering, TLC is my initials which is one of the many reasons that contributed to the name of the business. TLC also represents one of our event services – Rentals of Tables, Linen and Chairs!

I’ve been part of TLC Events from my childhood therefore, I have countless experiences and stories of growing up in a Floral and Events family business. TLC Events was started by my Mum in 1994; as a single parent and so I’ve always been her little personal assistant.

Since I was very curious and a little chatterbox, my mother would keep me occupied by harvesting flowers to create bridal bouquets, table centrepieces and other floral designs. I loved my flower harvesting runs because it was an excuse to go out and be on the flower farm.

Another part I loved was setting up for weddings and events. I would get really excited because I got to see different locations for weddings and events in St Lucia and meet other vendors like photographers. As I got older, I was able to help out on-site by doing full table setup while Mum worked on the backdrop. Or, I work on Chair decoration while she works on the Floral Arch. So, we’re always a team.

As TLC Events grew, more members joined our team who we love dearly. They’re professionally trained to help execute a memorable event. Like I’ve been part of TLC Events from the start, they have been part of TLC Events quite a bit that they are considered family. They have been part of the process of TLC Events providing a full-service design for weddings, corporate events, yachts, milestone celebrations, social events and galas.

Having styled for so many events including destination weddings, celebrity weddings and corporate events in St Lucia, I felt the need to share my knowledge on planning weddings and events in St Lucia through a blog. This blog will provide information for destination brides and clients wishing to host a private or corporate event in St Lucia. Events that the TLC Events team style on the island will also be featured.

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Happy Styling!