Just Got Engaged? 5 Things to Do First

Before we go right in…let me just say Congratulations on Your Engagement! I can imagine how you feel right now. The love of your life just asked you to be his lifelong partner and you’re filled with emotion! Excitement mainly but a tad bit of anxiety.  It’s ok to have these mixed feelings because it is a lot to take in – moving from in a relationship to engaged, wedding planning, bride-to-be and then bride in the blink of an eye. Whoa! That’s quite a bit! But, don’t worry – TLC Events’ blog will be your guide as you plan your St Lucian destination wedding. The top 5 things to do when engaged are explained below.

  1. Bask in your engagement

Your first instinct after you’ve said ‘Yes’ might be to post on all your social media platforms. I understand, it’s great news and you want to tell everyone about it. But remember; this moment is priceless. And you should savour this moment. It’s a new stage in your life that the two of you should enjoy together. Celebrate this milestone in a way that reflects both you and your partner. It could be popping some champagne, going out for dinner, having a picnic. Anything that you both will enjoy is enough! Just bask in your engagement as long as you want.

  1. The Announcement

Not social media just yet! You need to follow the chain of command lol. Let your parents know first. Then, the rest of the family, close friends of the family and friends. You don’t really want your parents or Aunty Linda to find out while scrolling down Facebook. Once the important people in your circle are covered, then you can make the announcement on social media.

  1. Get your ring sized and insured

Your fiancé has put in a lot of time and effort to pick your engagement ring. He’s been browsing many websites and visiting jewellery stores in search of the perfect engagement ring. While he got the perfect ring, the fit isn’t as perfect. If this sounds a bit like your story – you shouldn’t worry. You can simply return to the jewellery store and get your ring resized.

You should also consider insuring your ring because you might not be able to replace it if it gets lost or stolen. And even though you can replace it; in the event it gets lost or stolen, it’s the sentimental value that is going to matter to you. If the loss of your ring is unbearable, we’d recommend getting your little rock insured.

  1. Have a timeline in mind

You can get married whenever you like; whether it’s a year from your engagement or two years away. However, you should have a date in mind because it gives your wedding planning some form of structure.


Featured Image by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels